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Condition is Used. It sounds great. Part of the pedal case is broke,Where the silver screw latches. I got it broken many years ago. It does work. The overdrive knob is some where around here. If I sell it someone I’ll try to get them the correct knob.

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It’s common knowledge that Hendrix used stock Strats that he purchased from local music stores and he went through many of them. Some guitars were sacrificed in onstage rituals, while others were given as gifts to friends and admirers, or sometimes left with friends in different cities so that he would always have an instrument to play while visiting. This three-tone sunburst Stratocaster was one of the very last instruments acquired by Jimi Hendrix before his death.

According to McFadden, Hendrix was planning to begin work on a recording project called “Bolero,” which was never released and perhaps may never even have been started. In an interview after the guitar’s reappearance, bassist Noel Redding recalled that Hendrix had used this sunburst instrument during an informal jam at the studio.

and the change from Arbiter to the Dallas-Arbiter brand: A second, slightly different sand-cast enclosure appeared in ’68 (pot codes in these date to May and.

There are tons of different models and versions available but not all of them fits our acquired taste. Vintage fuzz units are either based on germanium or silicon transistors. David used germanium from and silicon from medio It has true bypass and a trim pot inside allowing you to set the amount of fuzz, — much like adjusting the guitar volume knob.

Like all vintage style fuzz units the Sun Face is extremely sensitive to buffered pedals and if you must include these in your board I recommend that you place them as far away from the Sun Face as possible. Having a Boss BD-2 placed right after it will seriously alter the tone bright, harsh fuzz but a delay unit last in the chain will work. You should also place the fuzz in front of a wah wah.

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Last update July Linking to this website is allowed, but copying the text content is strictly prohibited without prior authorization. This is a list of all the market release dates for most major fuzz box pedals and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi pedals, and related fuzz pedals and clones from the mid ‘s to the mid ’70’s.

To put everything in context, the list includes the creation of the first recorded fuzz tones in rock and roll, and significant songs or albums the fuzz tone appeared on. Some dates should be considered approximate as there is no way to verify the exact year for some of these products.

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As far as electric guitars, Jimi Hendrix is mostly known for playing Fender Stratocasters. A few worth mentioning here is certainly the early s white Stratocaster — which was allegedly the only guitar Jimi had with him when he first came to England. But perhaps, the most notable of them all was the white Fender Stratocaster that Jimi played during the Woodstock festival on August 16, His acoustic guitars collection was however far more scarce.

He was only really filmed playing two — a s Zemaitis string , and an Epiphone FT Regarding amps — the things were somewhat simpler. He also went through a period during which he used Sunn amps exclusively but returned to the Marshalls soon after. He also experimented with a lot of unusual pedals at that time, such as the Roger Mayer Octavia and a Univox Uni-Vibe. Please note that this is just a quick basic guide for beginners. To see the equipment that Jimi actually used himself, and all that went into it, refer to the chronological list below.

These amps are configured so that they emulate the tube amp sound, obviously through modern means. According to others [Becoming Jimi Hendrix, Steven Rody], that story is actually connected to his second electric guitar, a […]. However, Hendrix himself stated that the Danelectro was actually his first guitar, so it is possible that the Supro was borrowed.

SunFace and Fuzz Face Pedals : What’s the deal?

V two transistor Tone Bender circuit, very similar to the Fuzz Face sound. This is probably the most well known version of the Tone Bender. Joe approached the manufacturing company Eko in Italy about making the Wah. Eko declined, but Eko’s manufacturing manager, Ennio Uncini , wanted to do it. Jen later marketed a line of pedals under their own brand beginning in

the MK I.V two transistor Tone Bender circuit, very similar to the Fuzz Face sound. A key identifying and dating feature to the enclosure was the white rubber on production of the the Dallas Arbiter Wah Baby, the Jen/Vox Cry Baby.

See what it may be dallas arbiter and sounding fabulous! I also came across 1 comments. And it may be dallas arbiter fuzz more age school. Compare Live chat. Dating dallas dating fuzz face. BCC Comments:. All original except for a True Bypass modification. Is missing the bottom rubber feet. Very dating your face fuzz! Reference Information:. This came out in the mid 60s? Value were grey.

These face germanium PNP transistors.

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Dating from the late 60s – has BCCs. Required a new pot, jack socket – sounds stunning. Missing rubber tread from face. Surely one of the most iconic vintage guitar pedals, in excellent condition for its age.

Dallas Arbiter used both of these types in their Fuzz Face pedals. The silicons are fuzzier than the germaniums, and brighter. The silicon transistors have much.

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1967 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face – BC209C Excellent, $810.00

Jul 14, 1. Jun 27, Nashville. I’ve been trying to find out information on my Fuzz Face. I’ve spent a lot of time searching the innerwebs here’s what I have so far based on my recollections and things I’m certain of: I know I used this in a band in Chattanooga circa I moved to Atlanta in

Late s Red Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face for sale. Checked over/serviced by our pedal tech – in full working order- great-sounding example. Dating from the late.

The Fuzz Face is an effects pedal for electric guitar , used also by some electric bass players. It is designed to produce a distorted sound referred to as “fuzz,” originally achieved through accident such as broken electrical components or damaged speakers. Arbiter Electronics Ltd. The earliest units used germanium transistors. Silicon transistors were used in later editions of the pedal.

Silicon transistors provided for a more stable operation, but have a different, harsher sound. The electronics are contained in a circular-shaped metal housing. Ivor Arbiter “got the idea for the round shape when he one day saw a microphone stand with a cast iron base”. The arrangement of controls and logo on the box suggests a face. The circuit is based on the shunt-series-feedback amplifier topology – a standard in engineering textbooks.

Sola Sound and Vox had been using the same circuit topology for their Tone Bender pedals earlier in The main difference is that the Fuzz Face is biased slightly colder, making it more usable in warm environments.

Dunlop Fuzz Face